Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Works At Sensual Venus

Free Reads: Read my romantic story and sensual poem at Sensual Venus.

Cottage by the Sea:
Painting Iris:
Cheers, M.


Caffey said...

Loved them both Monica, especially the short story with the sea, I could sense it all and too a beautiful romance. And great to read your poem.

Monica M. Martin said...

Thank you, Cathie. :) The short story is about my Mr. Perfect, so I'm glad you liked it. :)The poem was just me being naughty as usual. Lol.
Hugs, M.

Tashe said...

Okay so you are one hot lady... Coming from another hot lady I say Cheers. Your story kicked ass. I considered Self-love in the middle of the day and smiled. I, too, write erotica and hope that I can effect others as acutely as your story effected me. Your language is beautiful, and erotic, your imagery vibrant. I'll be back.

Monica M. Martin said...

Hi Tashe!
Cheers right back at you. :) Thank you for your wonderful comments about my work. My head's about to explode. Lol. You have me grinning from ear-to-ear. Another Erotic Author...I love reading steamy stuff. ;)
I'm off to peruse at your blog.