Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monica M. Martin’s Website & Blog Scavenger Hunt is here!

In celebration of my new look, I’m having a contest! Search my site and blog
high and low for the answers to the questions below and win two of my titles.
1: Name the book-- posted on my blog-- that received 5 hearts from The Romance Studio in June.
2: Write the slogan I use after my name on both my website and blog,
3: Name the main colors I use on both my website & blog.
4: Name my upcoming vampire release for eXtasy Books (On book page of my website)
5: Name the paranormal contemporary work, set in Australia, which I have published through WCP Torrid. (On book page of my website)
6: Name the title I have coming to WCP Torrid in January. (On book page of my website)

Email your answers here: Any question feel free to contact me at the above addy.
Prizes: An autographed copy of my paperback ‘Juliana’s Portrait’ published through WCP Torrid, and one ebook download of your choice from the titles I have published through WCP Torrid or eXtasy Books.
Please remember to read the rules before you begin. I’ve pasted them below for your convenience. Thank you.
Contest Rules:
1: You must be an adult 18+ to enter any of my contests. NO exceptions!
2: You must be member of my non-chat mailing list group to enter my contests: Homepage:
3: You can only enter once.
4: Winners must send their snail-mail address, so that I may forward their prizes. Please don’t send snail mail address for e-book prizes.
5: Entries close midnight July 31. All correct entries will go a draw, the winner will be selected and announced in Monica M. Martin’s Erotique_M Newsletter, on my website and blog August 2. Prizes aren’t exchangeable. Period.

Good Luck Everyone!

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