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Mild Excerpt: Immortality's Caress 3: Sophia's Release

Immortality’s Caress is a six part erotic romance vampire series, set in several historical periods.

Content Warning: This work focuses on one ‘monogamous’ couple, although, there are sexual situations performed by secondary characters within this work. This work contains BDSM, explicit sex, and graphic violence--my vampires don't visit the local blood bank.


Set in New Orleans, 1770

Embraced against her will and then banished to the New World in 1592, Sophia struggles for survival. New Orleans, 1770, Sophia is Queen of her own clan and, as powerful as Queen Claudia is in her own realm.

Sophia masquerades as a Madame in The Crimson Lady, a thriving bordello. Her whores are vampires, their ‘guardians’ saloon staff. A place where anything goes, as long as you’re willing to pay the price…

Threatened, Claudia summons Sophia back to Venice, but she refuses to obey. No ruler worth her salt would return! Claudia sends Shiro, Sophia’s maker, to assassinate her…

Helpless to resist each other, they begin a rather unique relationship. Sophia’s power means nothing in Shiro’s arms, because deep down she is a submissive at heart…
Love isn’t always gentle and sweet…


The immortal paced before the mullioned windows, his hands clasped behind his back. The lengthy braid he wore almost reached the backs of his knees and matched the color of his dark oriental attire. She’d never seen such a lengthy mane on a male. Oh, but it looked so fine on him. Light and shadow played over his exquisitely sculpted features, which captivated her almost as much his trim, wiry physique. His was a stark beauty and akin to a netted butterfly, she was his captive. Right at that moment, she knew why so many risked all to acknowledge their animal instinct. Everything about him screamed at her to liberate her inhibitions and become the wild wanton she’d hidden from the outside world.

He stopped suddenly and turned to face her. His exotic eyes an incandescent yellow, frightened and excited her. She sucked in much-needed air. She had to admit liking them more when they were amber, and wondered whether such a look could burn if exposed to it for a time. “Accept the kindred, embrace what we are.” His melodic tone wrapped itself around her like fine oriental silk.

Wake up, Sophia, this creature is an assassin! He’s about to do his duty and execute you!

“I’ll not embrace what you are. Never!” His mouth curled slightly and a shiver ran right through her. The brief moment of bravado deserted her and she quickly looked away.

“What I am, my dear Sophia, is your god.” The words, spoken so softly, caught her attention more than they would have had he ranted them at her. “I can give you everything, or I can take it away.” He snapped his fingers. “The choice is entirely yours.”

Sophia tilted her head and pushed her locks over one shoulder, exposing her neck. “Then feast your fill and get it over and done with!”

Smiling coolly, he moved closer. A diminutive five-foot three-inches tall his five-foot eleven-inch frame towered over her. “I like your spirit, little butterfly.” His index finger caressed beneath her chin while his thumb traced over her quivering lips. She had to still the urge not to follow it with her tongue.

I will not be coerced! The direction of her thoughts alarmed her.

“Embrace immortality and I’ll mend your wings, teach you to soar beyond grounding emotion, take you places you’ve never conceived of. The promise of heaven will seem inconsequential…”

He must imagine me to be completely mad!

2007 © Monica M. Martin

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