Sunday, July 23, 2006

Eloise's Awakening:Immortality's Caress 2 Available Now!

New Release at eXtasy Books! Link to book page and excerpt (18 + please)


Eloise de Mann is over a hundred years old. She is vivacious, spirited, rather eccentric and somewhat gauche, for a vampire. Her past hurts have her steering clear of the male species, with the exception of a few select immortals, and her incompetent guardian Claude.

Eloise loathes coffins and will only use one when necessary, so naturally she is outraged when she awakens in one, knowing her male guardian has betrayed her. She climbs from the coffin in a right state, but hang nails, disheveled hair and a wrinkled, musty-scented gown, are the least of her problems! Upon entering her home, Eloise finds that an Englishman, Lord Christian Montgomery, has taken up residence there. Luckily for him, the deafening voice of reason, Queen Claudia's, forbids Eloise to harm him in any way! Her only option is to seduce him.

This pair battle over more than mere possessions. Come taste the second scorching installment of Immortality's Caress.

Copyright 2006
Monica M. Martin

Cheers, :)M.