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~ TORRID TEASERS Volume 25 ~by Monica M. Martin & Michael Keene

~ TORRID TEASERS Volume 25 ~
Monica M. Martin & Michael Keene

Vampiric Feast ~ by Monica M. Martin

Blurb ~

Genre: Erotic Romance
Sub-genre: Gay /Futuristic/ Vampire
New Paris, 3030 A.D.
Claude Roux--a twenty-seven year old protected mortal-- has had many woman in his bed, but finds them lacking. He realizes what he's been missing when Darius and his predatory associates begin to frequent his nightclub. Darius is a three thousand year old vampire with a taste for virile young men. Claude can't take his eyes off the towering black-eyed male. Irrepressible desire drives him to seek out Darius's company, even though he has never been intimate with a man before. However, to know the privilege of Darius's lovemaking in its entirety Claude must also know his eternal bite. Is he willing to give up mortality for an eternity with a dominant lover and master?
Coming to WCP Torrid April 2007

Hi All,
Just sharing two fabulous reviews for Pharaoh’s Touch with you. :) M.

Blurb: Pharaoh’s Touch
~Erotic Romance~ 18 +

A megalomaniac God-king from 4th Dynasty Egypt frequents Sienna’s nights. Remnants of Khufu’s rule have withstood the test of time on the Giza Plateau. His dark, enigmatic eyes speak of an exotic and ancient world. Torrid dreams stroke Sienna’s fire and Khufu’s touch ignites her soul...

Sienna’s obsession takes her from London to smog-filled streets of modern-day Cairo, what she finds both shocks and thrills her…


Pharaoh’s Touch
Monica M. Martin
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 1-934329-12-6
Fiction, Erotic, Historical
Reviewed by Jasmina Vallombrosa
TCM Reviews

This short but extremely addictive story was a wonderful read. With historical context, exotic locations, and mythical legends all blended together, one will not be disappointed by Ms. Martin’s example of an unforgettable holiday. I can only say that this is a brilliant read when you are short of time yet desire something with an extra kick.

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PHARAOH’S TOUCH – Monica M. Martin
ISBN: (10) 1-934329-12-6
ISBN: (13) 978-1-934329-12-2
January 2007
Erotic Time Travel Romance
Heat Index: Just Right
RRT Rating: Missionary
Egypt - Present Day

Readers will immediately sense that there’s more to Sienna’s obsession for ancient Egypt than her fantasizing and aren’t disappointed. The fervor and sense of this is where she belongs permeates the storyline of PHARAOH’S TOUCH. Once the pharaoh comes to life, then Sienna’s reaction makes for a sizzling tale you won’t want to miss. Head on over to Mardi Gras and pick up the intriguing PHARAOH’S TOUCH.

Holly Tibbs for RRT Erotic:

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Immortality's Caress Book 2: Eloise's Awakening ~ EPPIE Finalist 2007

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Pharaoh's Touch Out Now!