Thursday, February 16, 2006


Cover by Martine jardin


Blurb:Cursed, Drago has walked in darkness over eight hundred years, without a female by his side. Love has no place in his world, only death and abstinence. When a heartbroken Sara steps into his forbidden realm… reads his journals and becomes obsessed with him, she lures him with her intensity, awakening his long denied desires and emotions…

Review Snippet:
This is an intense tale that is a real page turner. There is a lot to keep this couple apart, but in this case, love will not be denied. They The storyline is compelling, the sex hot, and the characters are well developed. Khalid is a good villain. Drago is the lonely passive male unwilling to fight and challenge Khalid, until his true love is endangered... Ms. Martin has written a tale that will be remembered long after reading the final line. May @ ~

Note:Although this work is primarily a heterosexual erotic romance there is one m/m scene. The work also contains an S&M scene, ménage a trois, explicit sex and violence.



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