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Where do my erotic stories come from?
I Interview Author Michael Keene
Featured Author Michael Keene
Vampiric Feast review snippet
Historical Romance Club HUGE Anniversary Contest
Exclusive Excerpt - Immortality’s Caress book 3: Sophia’s Release
Fabulous new cover art for Immortality’s Caress book 2
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Immortality's Caress Book 2: Eloise's Awakening ~ EPPIE Finalist 2007

I Interview Author Michael Keene

Michael Keene

· BIO.

· In the mid 80s I was actively involved as a photographer in fashion. My studio was in S/London with a staff of 20. I also traveled across Europe as a photojournalist writing on travel, which gave me an exciting insight into peoples’ lives. Now having lived life and enjoyed people of varied lifestyles, I now have a cottage by the sea in the South of England where I write about those now fictional characters that somehow have crossed my life.

· Book Excerpt

· 'Poor Rich Guy Matthew' by Michael Keene. Published by Silks Vault Publishers.

· Matthew has finished University and returns home to run the family estate. Uncertain about his sexuality, lonely, frustrated, and yearning for the love of another guy, Matthew spends his time in a fantasy world reading gay fiction.

· In his spare time, he visits local pubs and is attracted to not one, but two guys at the same time. Ian sells farm equipment, so it becomes easy to invite him to the mansion on business and let things develop from these meetings.

· Meanwhile he meets Todd, and begins to fall in love with him. They spend nights in secret in the mansion making love, but what if his parents were to find out?. He soon learns that his parents are not as perfect as he has been lead to believe. Nothing goes as planned in this erotic tale of a young man's quest for love.

· Log onto michael keene author on the web for information www.freewebs.com/michaelkeeneauthor .

· Books Available

· Michael Keene Author. [Pseudonym Name] Writer of Gay Fiction.

· 'Poor Rich Guy Matthew' Published by Silks Vault Publishers.

· 'The Loch Keeper' Published by Whiskey Creek Press.

· These are the first two gay fiction books to be published... However, WCP have just received another for publishing.

· 'Two into One' [WCP Torrid Raw]

· The most exciting breaking news is: The first book of a Trilogy is to be published within the next few weeks. It's been four years of hard work in finding the right publisher. Contracts have been signed, book cover approved, and as this is now ready to go to press.

· 'Through the Mist' Publisher Collective Publishing [Paper Back]
· 'Return to Ceze' will follow and then the third book 'Don't Josh With Me' .

· The Interview

· MMM. What inspired me to pen The Lock Keeper?

· MK. I wanted to write a story about a guy who escapes into the wilds and is free to roam naked as he hunts for his food. I didn't want it to be a boy meets girl type of story. And as I believe that gay guys do want love stories in their lives, it slotted in nicely with my views. So Craig [ the main character ] is gay, and although he is running from life, he never dreamed he would find his love in the wilds of Scotland.

· MMM. Do all of your works include gay characters?

· MK. Under my pen name [ Michael Keene ] Yes. But I also write under my legal name Mike Herring..

· 'The Bare Photographer' Published by UPSO. By Mike Herring
· 'Double Take' Published by The Publishing Club' By Mike Herring.

· MMM: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

· MK. Yes - but it would never have paid the bills and brought in enough monies to raise a family of three. But now I have had my fill of the commercial rate race, writing I find allows me to escape into a world of fiction where I can let my stories flow. I believe that before one can write about life [ for that's what I do and enjoy] one has to have lived it.

· MMM. Where do I see yourself in ten years time?

· MK. Please God, still writing about life as it is and enjoying the fruits of my writing.

· MMM. Thanks for your time, Michael. Please tell me your email and website so that readers may contact you.

· MK. My pleasure in making time to answer your questions... Love it really.

· My email address is keene@michaelkeeneauthor.com

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Torrid Teaser Vol 25- Gay- Fab Review!

Torrid Teaser Vol 25 - Michael Keene & Monica M. Martin
Rating: 4 Roses out of 5
Reviewed by Crystal for Sensual Reads
The Loch Keeper by Michael Keene
The Loch Keeper is a magnificent and very sensual story. Michael Keene is an author to look out for.
Vampiric Feast by Monica M Martin
Vampiric Feast is a very sensual read. Monica Martin knows how to capture her readers from the first sentence. You will fall in love with the characters of this story.

Historical Romance Club HUGE Anniversary Contest!

You could WIN one of Four GRAND PRIZES!

Historical Romance Club is celebrating it's 4th Anniversary with a HUGE Contest! With over Forty books generously donated by some of your favorite Romance Authors, we are giving away Four GRAND PRIZES. The Diamond Prize Package; The Ruby Prize Package; The Emerald Prize Package; and The Sapphire Prize Package. Each package contains a mix of both eBooks and Print Books.

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Long Strange Trip (print) by Vicki Gaia
Midnight Magic (print - hardcover) by Shari Anton
Midnight Marriage (ebook) by Jean Fullerton
Secrets in the Annex (ebook) by Ann Cory
Summer Wind (ebook) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Tethers (ebook) by Sara Reinke
The Tribute (ebook) by Beth Williamson
Twilight's Kiss (print) by Marly Mathews

The Ruby Prize Package:

The Accidental Countess (ebook) by Melissa Schroeder
A Knight of Passion (ebook) by Ingela F. Hyatt
Allegra's Seduction (ebook) by Monica M. Martin
Always, My Love (ebook) by Phyllis Campbell
An Unexpected Engagement (print) by Sara Reinke
The Cheiftain's Bride (ebook) by Kate Hill
I'll Be Yours (ebook) by Marly Mathews
The Irish Countess (print) by Janet Quinn
The Mad Knight's Bride (print) by Kate Hill
Melting Iron (print) by Ann Cory
Sword of Rhoswen (ebook) by Brenda Williamson

The Emerald Prize Package:

A Dark Guardian (ebook) by Donna Grant
A Knight of Passion (print) by Ingela F. Hyatt
Come The Night (print) by Angelique Armae
Crossing the Line (print) by Catherine Stang
Dance of Desire (print) by Catherine Kean
My Lady's Protector: Knight of Pentacles (ebook) by Monica M. Martin
Prisoners of the Wind (ebook) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Twilight's Kiss (ebook) by Marly Mathews
Under a Warlock's Spell (ebook) by Ann Cory
Vows Of Deception (ebook) by Phyllis Campbell
The WyndMaster's Lady (ebook) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

The Sapphire Prize Package:

Book of Days (ebook) by Sara Reinke
Cradle the Light (ebook) by Vicki Gaia
Cutlasses and Caresses (ebook) by Jean Fullerton
Dead Walkers The Protectorate (ebook) by Angelique Armae
The Earl's Enchantment (ebook) by Sara Freeze
Holding Out For A Hero (ebook) by Phyllis Campbell
In Sunshine or In Shadow (print) by Cynthia Owens
The Kilted Governess (ebook) by Janet Quinn
The Passenger (print) by Joie Lesin
Silk and Magic 2 (print) by M.A. duBarry
WindFall (print) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

How to Enter:

Simply visit HRC ( http://www.HistoricalRomanceClub.com ) and click on the Contest Logo at the top of the Romance News on the index page. Be sure to read through the Contest Rules before filling out the entry form...And remember, you must be 18 or older to enter. ;)

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July 31, 2007 at 9:00pm EDT, so hurry and enter today!

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