Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fabulous NEW COVER for Allegra’s Seduction Immortality’s Caress Book 1

I am delighted to share the wonderful, sexy cover Martine Jardin has created for Allegra's Seduction Immortality's Caress Book 1. Look at those colors! The background is just fabulous. Aw, and isn’t he just darling? This old bat thinks so anyhoo. lol.

Review Snippets

The love scenes are beautifully written, and you can taste the passion between the two. Char @mayreviews.com

...rich in detail with aspects of intrigue, romance, and a whole lot of naughtiness that is sure to excite your senses with some really stirring sex scenes. Aggie~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Every scene is rich in detail as well as sensuality. I could not put this book down. ~ Michelle ~ Romance Junkies

A vampiric version of the classic story of Cinderella and her Prince Charming... J.D. The Pink Posse

...this is truly a book that stays with you long after the last page is read. Dawn Roberto ~ The Road To Romance

I loved this book. It is a true love story that seemed so real to me. Moonluster~ Fallen Angel Reviews


Venice--Her Serene Highness-- boasts many things, including Vampires... The mysterious Lord and Lady Lamberti invite Allegra and her two friends, Sophia and Eloise, to holiday with them at their exclusive summerhouse on the Rivera del Brenta. The evening of their arrival the three women are shocked to discover they’re among a clan of vampires and that they’re to compete for the affections of one four hundred and twenty year old elder, who’s in need of a bride. Those who refuse to play, those who aren’t accepting of the kindred, and those who fail, must die.

Allegra remembers Gabriele from her hedonistic dreams and is eager to know him better, and although Gabriele’s obsessed with her, he must spend time with each woman before he makes his selection...

Can Allegra play the kindred’s game long enough to garner the ultimate prize, Gabriele’s affections, or is the price…too high?

Come ~ be bitten by the first installment of Immortality’s Caress.

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(18 + please)

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