Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monica M. Martin’s August contest is here!

In celebration of my new release I'm giving away one ebook (pdf copy) of Eloise's Awakening: Immortality's Caress 2! Search my website for the answers to the questions below to win.
1: Name two major characters in Eloise's Awakening: Immortality's Caress 2.
2: What year is Eloise's Awakening: Immortality's Caress 2 set in?
3: Name two colors on the cover.
4: What is the name of Immortality's Caress Book 3?

Email your answers here: Any question feel free to contact me at the above addy.
Prize: One ebook (pdf copy) of Eloise's Awakening: Immortality's Caress Book 2.
Please remember to read the rules before you begin. I’ve pasted them below for your convenience. Thank you.
Contest Rules:
1: You must be an adult 18+ to enter any of my contests. NO exceptions!
2: You must be member of my non-chat mailing list group to enter my contests:
3: You can only enter once.
4: Winners must send their snail-mail address, so that I may forward their prizes. Please don’t send snail mail address for e-book prizes.
5: Entries close midnight August 31. All correct entries will go a draw, the winner will be selected and announced in Monica M. Martin’s Erotique_M Newsletter, on my website and blog September 2. Prizes aren't exchangeable. Period.
Good Luck Everyone!

Monica M. Martin:
Amorous Authors:

Allegra's Seduction: Immortality's Caress 1 ~ Every scene is rich in detail as well as sensuality. I could not put this book down. ~ Michelle ~ Romance Junkies


Ann Cory said...

Lol. You realize that when I come to your blog, I am messed up on what day it is for the whole dang day!!!


Great newsletter luv :) Always good to hear about the awesome things going on with you!!!


Unknown said...

Hey Ann :) Aw, I hope your day improves.

Thank you, honey!

Hugs right back at you. M.

Ann Cory said...

You aren't allowed to go no mail. Nope. No way. If you do, I'm going to have to harrass you here, lol.

:) Good luck with those deadlines. *HUGS*

Unknown said...

Lol. I lub ya! Harrass me all you like.

Thanks, doll. I'm really excited to be back into the swing of things. *g* M.

Ann Cory said...

Aha, permission to harrass you....muuuhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I wanted to wish you a fun-filled, relaxing weekend. Make sure you do something nice for yourself :)


Unknown said...

Hey Doll :) Thanks for your wonderful wishes. I did have half of Sunday off, which was great. :) Hope you, your son and hubby had a nice time!
Hugs, M.

Ann Cory said...

Okay - you've been missed again, lol.

What are you up to? It's sexy and secret, isn't it. Hmmmmmm. Just wanted to say hello and make sure the divine Miss M is doing well :)

Unknown said...

Hey there, hun! Thanks for popping in on me!

Hugs, M.