Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fabulous Cover For Immortality's Caress 3

Hi everyone! *waves* I just received the remarkable cover art for IMMORTALITY'S CARESS BOOK 3: SOPHIA'S RELEASE from Martine Jardin and wanted to share it . I love it! That gorgeous guy there is Shiro, immortal assassin and guardian trainer… Those who’ve read books one and two will remember his unforgettable cameos in those works.

Immortality’s Caress is a six part erotic romance vampire series, set in several historical periods.

Content Warning: This work focuses on one ‘monogamous’ couple, although, there are sexual situations performed by secondary characters within this work. This work contains BDSM, explicit sex, and graphic violence--my vampires don't visit the local blood bank.


Set in New Orleans, 1770

Embraced against her will and then banished to the New World in 1592, Sophia struggles for survival. New Orleans, 1770, Sophia is Queen of her own clan and, as powerful as Queen Claudia is in her own realm.

Sophia masquerades as a Madame in The Crimson Lady, a thriving bordello. Her whores are vampires, their ‘guardians’ saloon staff. A place where anything goes, as long as you’re willing to pay the price…

Threatened, Claudia summons Sophia back to Venice, but she refuses to obey. No ruler worth her salt would return! Claudia sends Shiro, Sophia’s maker, to assassinate her…

Helpless to resist each other, they begin a rather unique relationship. Sophia’s power means nothing in Shiro’s arms, because deep down she is a submissive at heart…
Love isn’t always gentle and sweet…

Coming to eXtasy Books very soon ... 2007

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