Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lucid Stream...

I’m lost in la la Land
Sighing away minutes
Just thinking about him
That unique
Utterly mesmerizing man
I have a penchant for

Alpha male personified
Behind his uplifting smile and intense eyes
Lies a highly evolved analytical mind
A truly compassionate heart
And a soul awakened lifetimes before
An enlightened one

He radiates luminescent light
He humbles meInspires me to reach higher
To become more than I am

He is touched with a delightful kinda naughty
That seeps in And melts my bones
With its intense voracious flame

A beautiful apparition
He wanders through my flights of fancy
Consuming moments like this
From his ethereal bond
There’s no escape
But if one must have an addiction
He is an easy choice to make.

© Monica M. Martin 2007
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized Reproduction and Distribution Strictly Prohibited.

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