Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Holidays Contest is here! November/December - 18 + only

Search my website and related links there, my Cafe Press page , my YouTube page and my November Newsletter, for the answers to the questions below, for your chance to win prizes listed here.
1: What is the title of the story I have coming out March 2008 in WCPT Anniversary Anthology, Let's Party!?
2: What paranormal creature does the story I have coming out March 2008 in WCPT Anniversary Anthology, Let's Party! contain?
3: What's the name of my Cafe Press Store?
4: Name the two poems printed on the yellow t-shirt and the white tank top in my CafePress store.
5: Watch my new YouTube video trailer and tell me what it's about. NOTE: Info and links to answers in Nov/Dec newsletter or above.
Email your answers here: Feel free to contact me at the above address of you have any questions.
Prizes:Prize 1 : An exquisite sterling silver & turquoise drop pendant from Wallace Bishop Jewellers, Australia. View prize here: . A personally autographed copy of paperback Juliana's Portrait - an erotic romance paranormal work set in Australia.
Prize 2 : A choice of two of my published ebooks. (PDF format)
Prize 3 : A choice of one of my published ebooks. (PDF format)
Please do read the rules before you enter. I’ve pasted them below for your convenience.
Thank you.
Contest Rules: 1: You must be an adult 18+ to enter any of my contests. NO exceptions!2: You must be member of my no-chat mailing list group to enter my contests:Subscription link: Homepage:

3: You can only enter once.

4: Winners must send their snail-mail address, so that I may forward their prizes.

Please don’t send snail mail address for e-book prizes.

5: Entries close midnight December 21 st. All correct entries will go in a draw and the winners will be selected and announced in Monica M. Martin’s Erotique_M Newsletter and on my website December 23. Prizes aren't exchangeable. Period.Good Luck Everyone! :-)

Reminder: A copy of Nov/Dec 2007 Newsletter can be found in 'files' area on my Erotique_M mailing Group. Link above.

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