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Anthology by Whiskey Creek Press Authors

Genre: Torrid Romance Anthology

EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-190-2

Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-189-6

Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit

Are you ready to party?? Join some of WCP-Torrid’s bestselling authors in A Torrid Celebration! You'll attend a mysterious costume ball, a Twelfth Night celebration, and meet a hunky genie. You'll also be tempted by a passionate returning war hero; fall into a paranormal fantasy; and spend some time with a sexy cowboy. Don't miss out!

Masked Desires by Christy Poff

Ava Clinton walked on eggshells when it came to her boss – she felt something with him she felt with no other – then she receives an invitation that changes her life.Matthew Lord, lll wanted Ava the day she walked in the office and began working for him though he refused to have her become the subject of office gossip. He watched her walk away from a bad affair and knew he had to come up with a unique scheme to have her see things his way.Can Mardi Gras, a masked ball and romance bring these two together?

Knock Three Times by Honey Jans

Mix together two star-crossed lovers, a magic lamp, a hunky reluctant genie, and a goddess who bears a grudge, and you have Knock Three Times.

Nocturnal Offering by Monica M. Martin

International best-selling author Nadia Kimble has woven tapestries of paranormal delights for years, not once making the connection of a past life and her association with the paranormal creatures who continually inspire her. Little does she know, her perceived fantasy world and reality are about to merge when she attends an exclusive Halloween Masquerade ball…He has waited over 800 hundred years for his Nocturnal Offering…

Going for Eight by Melissa Schroeder

After almost dying, Gerry Dillon has decided to go after the one woman he's always loved. But convincing her will require more than his average riding skills. “Going for Eight” is linked to my novel A Calculated Seduction.

Spanish Lullaby by Emma Wildes

As a soldier returning home from a grueling war, Carlos Verde wants to celebrate, not come face to face with the stark reality of the love he lost. Juliet has spent four years bereft and suffering, and she’s not about to just fall into the arms of the man who left her behind to risk his life, worthy cause or not.

The Twelfth Knight by Cheri Valmont

Willamina de Coucey, in disguise and on the run, finds herself falling in love with the mysterious troubadour Adonis. But during a Twelfth Night celebration, Minna uncovers secrets which threaten to tear them apart.

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They going to have a special chat on the group for this book? Thats what I thought at first. Anyways a great variety of stories!