Sunday, December 08, 2013

Immortality's Caress Historical Vampire Series

After a long hiatus... Ms Martin is back, writing what she loves best - fiction! Ms Martin  had three classic works re-released  in 2013, and is now in the process of writing new works and second editions. Look out for complete rewrites of Ms Martin's previously published works Lucinda's Contract, Mistress Kitty's Thigh High Boots, and various other works... 

A note about Immortality's Caress Historical Vampire Series! Immortality's Caress is a seven-part historical vampire series by Monica M. Martin. From Rome, to Venice, Paris, New Orleans, Cairo, London, and New York ... Take a historical journey through the dark and delightful erotic world of Monica M. Martin’s vampires.Ms Martin is adding another work to this series. This beginning to be added before book 1 Allegra's Seduction, to build a more in-depth world for Claudia and Marcus, and add more substance to Gabriele's beginnings...)Previously Published  in 2005 Allegra's Seduction Book 1Eloise's Awakening Book 2, Critically AcclaimedImmortality's Caress Book 1 - The Beginning- Coming soon...Read more here

Previously Published in 2006 Eloise's Awakening Book 2EPPIE Award finalist 2007 for Best Erotic historical

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