Sunday, March 05, 2006

Amorous Authors

Amorous Authors March Newsletter Out Now!

Mistresses Brenda Williamson, Monica M. Martin, Twyla Dawn McNight,
Rayne Forrest, and Ann Cory look forward to sharing their news, releases, and stories with you.

In this issue:

*Meet the Mistresses
*Newest Releases
*Featured Mistress Rayne – CAPA nominee
*Free Hot Read from Monica M. Martin
*Upcoming Releases for March
*Contest info/Events
*Join us

Amorous Authors:

Brenda Williamson

Ann Cory

Twyla Dawn McKnight

Rayne Forrest

Monica M. Martin

To get your copy subscribe today:

Mistress Ann has kindly created two versions of the Amorous Authors Newsletter.
Available in plain doc., or pretty pdf. Look in the files area. ;)

Cheers, M.


Caffey said...

Hi Monica!!! Too Hi to the authors, Brenda Williamson, Monica M. Martin, Twyla Dawn McNight,
Rayne Forrest, and Ann Cory of Amorous Authors. I do get the newsletter and loved it! I get excited reading them. I love to read all thats happening, coming out and too those treats to read excerpts ans stories. So thanks, you're all great! Hugs, Cathie

jennyowl said...

Hi Monica, enjoyed the short story. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny, You're welcome. :)I'm glad you liked it.

Unknown said...

Hi Cathie! *waving at you* Yes, we know you do, you naughty girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

Just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed Allegra's Seduction. Gotta love those Vamps! And your blog site is beautiful.


Unknown said...

Aw, thanks! You're just a sweetie, CJ. :) Yup, I love vamps...I'm a bit of a vampire myself. Lol.
The blog template is by Caz. There's a link bottom left-- a ton of beautiful template creations over there. While I've got you, send your web link on over and I'll put it up on my links here. The readers would just love 'Hot Tub Hunks.'

Hugs, M.

Anonymous said...

Vampire stories are my favorites and your blog looks great.
I like the links to all the authors.
Allegra's Seduction has a wonderful cover.
Brenda Carol

Unknown said...

Hi Brenda,
Thanks so much.
I like to lead readers to other naughty and nice authors.
Thanks you. Martine Jardin is a wonderful artist. (And that reminds me--I don't have her link up...) She gave me what I asked for and then some. Allegra is perfect.
Thank you for stopping by. M.:)