Monday, March 27, 2006

eXtasy Books News

Due to website difficulties, eXtasy Books Newsletter Contest has been extended and DOUBLED, join up today to get all the NEWS coming up and be eligible for some great prizes:

What can you win? eXtasy is giving away 1 reader's choice print book, 5 reader's choice downloads, and goodie bags. AND - they've decided to double the amount of prizes to double the fun!

How can you enter the contest? Join the newsletter group and watch your inbox for eXtasy's April newsletter. If your name is listed as one of the winners follow the instructions to claim your prize. Winners will NOT be notified by individual email. You MUST read the newsletter to find out if you are a winner and email with your information to claim your prize.

NEW Website coming soon! We're so very excited about this and can't wait for you to see it! When the website is ready, we'll announce it on both eXtasy groups!

ANOTHER CONTEST - Join eXtasy Chatters and help Stefani V. Kelsey, Executive Editor-in-Chief celebrate her upcoming birthday! Just join the group and post a message about an extasy book you've read and loved! You'll automatically be entered into Stef's "The EEE Turns 33" Contest and she'll give away a pressie on her birthday, March 28th! Hmmmm, I bet if we really chatter about the books, she'll be convinced to give away more than one! All members can participate!

Join here:

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Great the their website wil be up soon. Love their books.

Unknown said...

Of they do! *g* Yes, it's fabulous news! M.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that!

Animal said...

I was wondering when they'd be opening that new website. Do you have a date yet?