Friday, March 24, 2006

Review Snippets for Crimson Destiny

Literary Nymphs ~Reviewer: Carolina Minx

Ms. Martin is an author who has put a lot of detail into this story. Whether it's battle scenes or love scenes, she is very descriptive about her subject. There is a male on male love scene at the beginning of the story that is helpful to the reader to show the relationship between Drago and the vampire who turned him… The story ends rather quickly but it does have a happy ending and is a satisfying read.
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Coffee Time Romance~ Reviewer: Charissa ~

The author does a brilliant job of crafting both Sara and the villain in this novel. Their emotions, raw and succinct stirring the reader to understanding their hearts desires. While Drago is an attractive feature in this novel, it seems at odds that a battle tested warrior stands by so reluctantly until the very end. Overall, the strength of these characters desires both emotionally and sexually turn this into a good read and the culmination of 800 years of love and hatred are brought to a wonderfully climactic peak in the end.
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Anonymous said...

Great reviews babe!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sue! :)

Animal said...

Excellent reviews, Miss Martin.

Caffey said...

Super again! I feel bad tho, I just realized I missed reading this one, and must put it in my palm! But I'm thrilled having another vamp to read!

Unknown said...

Aw, you just make day, Cathie. :) I hope you enjoy reading it.