Thursday, September 02, 2010


Your beloved is calling
So come hither
My devoted knight
Unsheathe your sword
And follow the swish of my skirts
Through the heavenly gardens
The sun is bright upon my skin
Kissing gentle raindrops resting there
Hummingbirds sing our song
There are perfumed flowers everywhere
Dance with me
Liberate yourself
Be wild and free
I'll be your naughty nymph
As long as you promise to debauch me
Chase me through the maze
And capture me in the meadow
Throw me down on the pretty daises
And raise my skirts high
Spread my lips
And expose my silky treasures
To your hot hungry kisses
Feed upon my flesh
Until I drench your adoring mouth
With my nectar
Stroke my hair
Ply me with lingering kisses
Impale me
Ride me uninhibitedly
I'm your wild brood mare
I like it hard
Brand me with your touch
Steal ecstatic cries from my lips
As I grip your plundering sword
With my savage, velvet heat
Spill your streaming lust into me
Let it blend with mine
Rest your head
Upon my heaving bosom
And whisper your devotion
Across my sweat-slicked skin
I'll breathe it against your hair
As I stroke your damp curls
'Til we venture into the land of dreams…

Copyright Monica M. Martin


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I could imagine and feel every word.

Monica M. Martin said...

Smiles @ Dahveed. Thank you. :)