Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ride like a Cowgirl

I wanna be with you
My primal urges run riot
And I get all hot and bothered
Whenever you’re near

I wanna mount you
Like a first-rate cowgirl
In a Wild West rodeo
Watch your flanks heave between my thighs
As I slide up and down on your splendid cock
Enjoying a deliciously mouth-watering ride

I wanna bury my fingers in your hair
Drag those delicious lips to mine
Brand them with my passion
Taste their ripeness
And tug at their firmness
Steal breath and moan from within
As I ride…

I wanna feel your cock pulse deep
While I grip tight and release
Feel you rock and sway
As I wring you dry
Your moans filling my mouth
And my ears
While your cock fills my greedy pussy
As you come…

Your cowgirl is waiting to be satisfied.
Wanna be my ride?

©Monica M. Martin

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